OPAL: Optimized PatchMatch for Accurate Label fusion

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  • Optimized PatchMatch for Accurate Label fusion (OPAL) and segmentation of 3D MRI structures
  • New multi-scale and multi-feature framework
  • Fast and accurate results on hippocampus segmentation (<1s)
  • Inter-class expert reliability is reached on healthy and pathological datasets
  • Extensions to Cerebellum segmentation and Alzheimer's disease classification
  • Integration into the online volBrain platform


  • Use of a linearly registered database with expert-based segmentation of structures
  • Patch-based approximate nearest neighbors (ANN) matching and transfer of manual segmentation information

Fast search of patch-based neighbors
  • PatchMatch algorithm [6] introduced for 2D patch matching between 2 images
  • New Optimized PatchMatch (OPM) algorithm for multiple 3D patch matching within a database
  • Search based on propagation step (PS) of good matches, with new constrained initialization (CI) and random search (CRS) steps

Label fusion from expert-based segmentations
  • Patch-wise label fusion from selected ANN, inspired from non-local means [7]

Multi-scale and multi-feature framework
  • Fast ANN search and label fusion on several scales and features
  • Late fusion of estimator maps

  • Leave-one-out validation procedure. Comparison on the Dice index [8]
  • OPAL is more accurate and much faster than state-of-the-art methods

On the ICBM database

  • Database of 80 healthy subjects [9]

On the EADC-ADNI database

  • Database of 100 subjects with AD pathologies [10]

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  • New method for cerebellum lobule segmentation on 3D MRI
  • Extension of OPAL to multiple structure segmentation
  • Integrated into online platform volBrain

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  • Fast feature extraction on DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging) using OPAL
  • The extracted features lead to more accurate Alzheimer's disease detection
       (AD = Alzheimer's Disease, NC = Normal Control, MCI = Mild Cognitive Impairment)

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