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[PG108] Unix Langage C
[IF112] Computer Science Project (C)
[TS202] Digital Signal Processing
[PR214] Thematic Projects

[TS231] Artifical Intelligence for Image Processing
[PR309] Advanced Projects

[TS349] Pattern Recognition

Computer Science:

[IT220] Introduction to Image Processing


[TS225] Introduction to Image Processing

[TS214] Multimedia Compression

Embedded Electronic Systems (SEE):

[TS223] Image Processing


Presentation of internship



[CO7SFTS0] Image Processing
Course page

TM - Multimedia Technologies and Video Games 3rd year:

[IT317] Image Processing & Analysis
Patch and superpixel-based methods

Computer Science 1st year:

[IS104] Numerical Algorithmic (Python) - Courses and Practicals
Project n°1: Numerical computation method
Project n°2: Linear systems - Application to heat equation
Project n°3: Image compression with SVD factorization

[PG101] Imperative Programming (C) - Practicals

[PR103] Imperative Programming (C) - Projects

[IF101] Initiation to Algorithmic - Practicals

Telecommunications 1st year:

[PG109] Imperative Programming (C) - Practicals
Practical n°1-2: Discovery of C
Practical n°3: Pointers and Memory
Practical n°4: Dynamic Allocation
Practical n°5: Chained List

[IF103] Computer Architecture - Practicals
Practical n°1: Coding of integers
Practical n°2: From C to assembler code
Practical n°3: Cache memory

[IT103] Web Programming (HTML, PHP, MySQL) - Projects
Conception of a multi-users website (2016-2017)
Conception of a multi-users website (2015-2016)
Conception of a multi-users website (2014-2015)

[IF110] Operating Systems (Bash) - Practicals
Practical n°1: Arborescence, rights
Practical n°2: Command execution, substitutions, environment
Practical n°3: Processus
Practical n°4: Tools
Practical n°5: Commands and scripting
Complementary tools

In charge of the Telecom Minutes platform
Short videos on a Telecommunications field