DSP: Dual Superpixel Descriptors for Accurate Superpatch Matching

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  • New Dual SuperPatch (DSP) containing intra-region (R) and interface (I) superpixel features
  • New multi-scale approach for the matching of DSP at multiple scales
  • Application to matching and supervised labeling on standard image dataset


Dual superpixel descriptor
  • Intra-region (R) descriptor extraction with an offset to the superpixel borders
  • Interface (I) descriptor extracted at triple superpixel intersections to capture structure information
  • Dual SuperPixel (DSP) containing I and R descriptor sets in a superpixel neighborhood (superpatch)
  • Generalized framework able to compare both intra-region and structure information between two superpatches Si and Sj:
        D(Si,Sj) = α.d(Ri,Rj) + (1-α).d(Ii,Ij)

Multi-scale framework
  • Automatic rescale to compare DSP at extracted from different radius sizes
  • Ability to capture patterns at different scales using rescale (green lines):

Fast DSP matching using approximate nearest neighbor algorithm
  • Dual SuperPatchMatch (DSPM) algorithm using SPM with the proposed DSP descriptors
  • DSPM is a partly random matching algorithm relying on the propagation of good matches based on the adjacent superpixels

Robustness of the DSP
  • The same image is segmented by two methods and the superpixels are matched using standard superpatch (full region information) and the proposed DSP, containing both cropped intra-region and superpixel interface information
  • DSP (α=0.5) provide much more accurate matching since they explicitly consider structure information in a dedicated interface descriptor

The displacement between the matched superpixels is illustrated with the standard optical flow representation

Quantitative results
  • Validation on exemplar-based superpixel labeling experiment similar to the one used in SPM on the LFW dataset [2]
  • Comparison of DSPM to state-of-the-art methods on labeling accuracy:


  • C implementation (with optional Matlab/C-Mex wrapper) of the DSPM method

    To come

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