SPM: SuperPatchMatch algorithm for superpixel matching

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  • New SuperPatch structure containing superpixel neighborhood information
  • New SuperPatchMatch (SPM) algorithm for fast and accurate superpixel matching using Superpatches
  • Application to exemplar-based segmentation and labeling on natural and medical images
  • SPM outperforms state-of-the-art methods based on deep learning


SuperPatch definition

  • New structure of superpixel neighborhood considering geometric information
  • Possibility to use neighboring superpixels as for regular patches

Comparison between two superpatches Ai and Bj

  • Registration of the spatial barycenter of superpatch Bj on the one of Ai
  • Superpixels of Ai are compared to the spatially closest ones in Bj

SuperPatchMatch algorithm

  • Adaptation of the PatchMatch [3] algorithm to these superpatches
  • Fast and robust superpixel matching algorithm using neighboring information with superpatches

Robustness of the superpatch
  • The same image is segmented by two methods and the superpixels are matched using superpixels or the proposed superpatches
  • Superpatches provide much more accurate matching since they consider the neighborhood information
  • They are also robust to deformations such as shearing (bottom)

The displacement between the matched superpixels is illustrated with the standard optical flow representation

Validation on face labeling
  • Matching with SuperPatchMatch and transfer of ground truth labels on the LFW dataset [4]

  • Comparison of results obtained with SPM using superpixels and the proposed superpatches

  • Comparison to state-of-the-art methods on labeling accuracy. SPM outperforms methods that need learning steps

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