SCT: Superpixel-based Color Transfer

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  • New Superpixel-based Color Transfer (SCT) method between a target and a source image
  • New constraint to enforce the match diversity of a fast superpixel matching [2]
  • Color fusion of the selected superpixels, with respect to the initial grain and exposure of the target image
  • Results obtained in less than 1s, and more satisfying than the ones of state-of-the-art methods


Superpixel decomposition
  • Fast and accurate superpixel decomposition using SCALP [2]

Constrained superpixel matching
  • Fast superpixel matching between the target and the source image using [3]
  • To enforce the match diversity: Limitation of the selection of source superpixels to ε times:

Without constraint (ε=∞), the palette of the source image is not catched
With the constraint (ε=1), the target superpixels are forced to catch other than red colors

Color fusion
  • Color fusion framework inspired from non-local means [4] and based on color and spatial similarity

Impact of the ε constraint on match diversity
  • The ε constraint enables to globally catch the palette of the source image

The maps (bottom row) indicate the selection number of source superpixels (black is zero, white is the highest selection number)

Comparison to state-of-the-art methods
  • Results equivalent or more satisfying than the ones of state-of-the-art methods

  • Matlab wrapper + C-Mex source code of the SCT method

    Download here

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