GR: Global Regularity metric for superpixel evaluation

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  • New Global Regularity (GR) metric to evaluate the regularity of superpixel decompositions
  • Both shape regularity and consistency are considered in GR
  • The GR metric addresses the non-robustness of state-of-the-art ones
  • Robustness to scale and noise, with higher correlation to performances of superpixel methods


Shape regularity
  • New Shape Regularity Criteria (SRC): evaluation of convexity, balanced repartition and contour smoothness
  • Comparison to the Circularity (C) metric [3], that considers circular shapes and is too sensitive to contour smoothness:

More relevant regularity evaluation, and differentiation of shape groups
(higher value means higher regularity)

Robustness to scale of the proposed SRC metric

Shape consistency
  • New Smooth Matching Factor (SMF): Comparison of the superpixels to the average shape

  • Comparison to the Mismatch Factor (MF) [4], that is non-robust to large shape outliers:

More relevant evaluation of shape consistency with SMF (higher value means higher consistency)

Global Regularity
  • Global Regularity (GR): Combination of SRC and SMF to evaluate both shape regularity and consistency in one metric
  • See [1] for extensive evaluation of GR on superpixel performances
  • New evaluation of superpixel methods according to regularity (robustness to regularity parameter setting)

  • C implementation (with optional Matlab/C-mex wrapper) of the global regularity (GR) measure

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